Concert with my family



I went to the Kuricorder-Quartet's concert with my daughter and my husband.

They are in charge of music famous Japanese  TV show of kids.

Children who were whatching excited. Of course my daughter too.

I like their music. I wanted to listen their live music with my daughter.

I'm glad it's come true today.

There are their concert at Kamakura next month. I'm thinking about whether to go to it with my friend.

Disney Coloring book(Alice in wonderland)

Today was rainy day. The weathernews said a major typhoon is coming.

I was coloring with my daughter in our house.

It is said that coloring is normalizes the autonomic nervous system,but can the rumor be true?

At least I can't believe as long as I saw this coloring. It's make me a little nervous.



世界はひとつ 旅するディズニー塗り絵 (ブティックムックno.1236)

世界はひとつ 旅するディズニー塗り絵 (ブティックムックno.1236)




This is a blog for my English study.

I'd like to more English is well.

I'd like to connect to other country people.

I don't know why.


I live in Kanagawa prefecture in Japan.

It has many tourist spots.

I live in the neighborhood of Enoshima and Kamakura city.


This blog is my life in that lives there.